How It All Began
Before there was a cross-trainer, instant replay or endorsement deals, Mikasa Sports has been creating and perfecting the most important part of the game: the ball. It all started in Hiroshima, Japan over 89 years ago. We set the standard before there was one, and never lost the thing that makes all sports great: Passion!

In 1973 Mikasa arrived in California to set up headquarters where it could better satisfy the demand of North American athletes. True to our roots, we established our reputation in volleyball. But we didn’t stop there. We took this same drive and passion and applied it to basketball, soccer, football, water polo, rugby, tetherballs, kickballs, dodgeballs, and playground balls. While we made great inroads in both professional and Olympic sports, we never forgot the place where all sports began: the playground.

While the rules of the game haven’t changed much, the athletes, coaches, arenas, and fans sure have. Athletes are faster, strategies more complex, stadiums have become monuments and fans more demanding. Competition has been raised to a whole new level and every athlete has come to expect the best. Every sport revolves around one thing: the ball.

We understand the passion and inspiration it takes to be an athlete, no matter what level. We feel the same way about our athletic game balls. We put that same passion and inspiration, coupled with the best technology, into every ball we make. The balls we make roll off the production line as close to perfection as possible. It’s the only way we know how to make a ball.

Mikasa Sports — sports everyday.

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